Art of Rally 2xLP
Art of Rally 2xLP
Art of Rally 2xLP
Art of Rally 2xLP
Serenity Forge

Art of Rally 2xLP

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This is a pre-order item and has an expected ship date of Q3 2022.

A Serenity Forge release, made in association with Mana Wave Media.

Eclectic, energetic, and most of all, exciting, Tatreal's Art of Rally original soundtrack is a love letter to racing, and to the adrenaline rush of moving fast, nailing that perfect turn, and finally crossing the finish line.

Tracks can be previewed here. Download code insert provided with each copy.

A1 Intro
A2 Shift
A3 Dance With Death
A4 Dream Big
A5 Flat Out
A6 Race

B1 Confidence
B2 The Perfect Corner
B3 Turbosupercharger
B4 Wind

C1 Sprint
C2 Will I See You Again
C3 Rising Star
C4 Drivecraft

D1 Run
D2 Calm and Storm
D3 Don’t Stop
D4 Cool and Dangerous
D5 Outro

Original soundtrack composed by Tatreal.
Mastered for vinyl by Ohad Nissim.
Original Artwork by Bridget Olson and Madeline Ong Yu Ying.