FAQs / Terms & Conditions

How will my payment be processed?

We use Shopify Payments to process our payments.

When will my card be charged?

Your card will be charged at the time of order, whether in hand or pre-order.

Can I cancel my order?

All in hand orders can be cancelled within 24 hours for a full refund (unless the order has already been prepped to ship-- please keep in mind that fulfillment and customer service run separately, and depending on when you email we may not get to your cancellation in time). After that, all sales are final.

All pre-orders are final after 14 days.

Additionally, Mana Wave Media reserves the right to cancel, or refuse to cancel, any order at our discretion. Any order with a total of over $100 is subject to a 3-5% restocking fee.

What is your return policy?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept returns. Should an album arrive damaged or suffering from major defects, mainly ones that cause problems with playback, please contact us via email or contact form.

If there is any evidence of albums being bought solely to scalp or order limits have been exceeded, no courtesies of return, replacement, or refund will be extended. By purchasing from us, you confirm that you understand this rule, and that if evidence of scalping is found or if you exceed our order limits that you will accept your order as is, no matter the condition of the album. Additionally, any order that exceeds order limits that gets lost is not eligible for replacement.

How fast do you ship?

Unless stated otherwise, most in-hand orders will ship within 1 week. Pre-orders or brand new albums will generally start shipping within 5-6 business days once we have them in-hand and ready. Our orders are now filled through a fulfillment center, so they work on a schedule we have to adhere to. We ship USPS media mail domestic & first class/priority international outside of the US.

What should I know about international orders?

International orders may be subject to customs fees or additional taxes, the responsibility of which falls on the buyer. At this moment, like many other online retailers, we are unable to ship to the UK because of the new VAT laws. We'll be very upfront-- we're a small company and don't have the resources to make shipment to the UK viable, so this is unlikely to change any time soon. Our distros ship to the UK though!

How will my record be packaged?

Rest assured that your records will be packed with love in an incredible V03 whiplash mailer. At the moment, most releases will come with the record outside of the jacket in a poly bag to avoid seam splits, but not all. If you'd like to make sure they are sent outside of their sleeves still, please reply to your confirmation email.

What if my record arrives damaged or is missing?

Contact us ASAP and we'll do what we can to figure it out. Due to the nature of limited releases and color variants we may not be able to provide a replacement, but, so long as the ask is reasonable (i.e. not a ding in the corner, nor a seam split), we'll do our best to help out. Warping of records is only considered a defect so long as it affects playback. Only the damaged part of the record may be sent, in order to deter reselling.

Please contact us within 72 hours of receiving your item for damages or we will not be able to offer any replacements. We may ask that the replaced item be returned or thrown away. For audio issues please notify us within 2 weeks of delivery or we may not be able to offer a replacement or refund.

Customers are responsible for updating their address if needed-- if a tracking number has been sent out, it is too late to make any changes. Any delivery unable to be made by an incomplete / incorrect address is the fault of the buyer and costs of replacement will fall on the buyer. If and when returned, we will reach out with an invoice for the remaining costs for reshipping. If, for some reason, the order is not returned, a brand new order will need to be placed.

If an album has been delivered but you have not been able to find it, please reach out ASAP so we can work with you on getting it found. Replacements or refunds on orders marked as delivered are up to our discretion in order to deter abuse of replacements.

Is there an order limit?

Regular copies will generally have their limits stated, but are usually 2 per order. More than one order can be made, but please wait 24 hours so everyone is given a chance to order a copy. We may remove the limit on orders after a period of time as well.

Test presses have a hard limit of one copy per person, however, you are also allowed copies of the regular release as well. Test Presses should be ordered separately from other items (and these often go fast, so you'll have to anyhow) or they will be sent with the regular copies, not early.

Orders that exceed these limits may be cancelled at our discretion, and depending on the size of the order, we reserve the right to charge a 5% restocking fee to cover credit card fees. By purchasing from us, you confirm that you understand this rule.

Please keep in mind that only about 7/8 records can fit comfortably in a v03 whiplash mailer at a time (that is 3-4 2xLPs). Any orders that exceed this limit, or order limits in general, are not eligible for replacement in the event of damage or loss.

What should I know about Test Presses?

Test presses are early copies of your records used in the process of approving the sound of the records made in the full press run. We offer several of them for sale because, well, people want them! We will have anywhere from 5-20 available for sale depending on the release, and may bundle them with the regular release if it's already in hand.

Generally (though not always), we like to throw in a custom jacket with the test presses-- sometimes this will, unfortunately, delay their shipment, as small print shops will work on a different schedule from our friends at the pressing plants. Unfortunately, should there be any problem with the jacket in during shipping, we may not be able to provide a replacement. By purchasing, you understand the fact that the sole value of the test press sale comes from the record(s) itself, and that any additional packaging is courtesy. So long as the record itself is intact, the order is considered as arriving with its full value.

Privacy Policy

This one's a legal requirement, but let us state that manawave.co does collect your info as it's put in-- shipping address, email, name and so on-- it's needed for an order to be sent out. At no point will Mana Wave be sharing or selling this info unless we are legally required to. Full website host privacy policy can be found here.

I have a question not covered here.

All good! Feel free to email us at contact@manawave.co if you'd like.